5 Self-Improvement Books You Should be Reading

                                                              The Miracle of Self-Discipline

By Brian Tracy


If there were ever a book as a starting point for self-improvement, it would be this book. As you make your way through life and continue down your own personal legend, you will find that all success is built upon essential attributes. Self-discipline is the foundations upon which dreams are made.

Finances, relationships, passing that exam, weight loss, the list goes on

Luckily, this book somehow gravitated to me at the beginning of my evolution. Brian Tracy walks you through the various reasons and personal successes he has achieved and you can too if you just adopt this one single concept into your life.


You can achieve almost any goal you set for yourself as long as you have the discipline to pay the price to do what you need to do and to never give up. You can make excuses or you can make progress. You choose. “ -Brian Tracy



 By Robert Green


The world is a chess board. The sooner you realize this, the better off you will be.  Every page is crafted with snippets of history and layered with wisdom. The mental fallacies of man coupled with the everyday psychological power struggle we go through are detailed on every page. While I do understand that this book can be used in manipulative ways, I believe it teaches you to understand the natural emotions and personalities of human beings. It helps you enter the psyche of how we think. We all have our wants and needs. Therefore, the 48 Laws of Power enable the reader to see these emotions for what are and teach you to navigate them.


 By John C. Maxwell



John C. Maxwell is by far the most personable author I’ve listened to. As a leader, this is by far the number 1 book you should read. I’ve read this book on multiple occasions merely to remind myself that, as a leader, it’s not about me, it’s about the people who follow you or the people who work for you. A large part of our time we get caught up in ourselves and what we are doing or falling victim to mission success when the key to effective teamwork success is about working with others. Empowering the team to get the objective complete. John Maxwell is a gifted and humble person. It can be understood through his writings. If you’re looking to either become a leader, a manager or just looking to become a better team player, don’t just read this book, live this book.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

 By Dale Carnegie


Originally published in 1936, this book was written for the true salesman. The person who seeks to create that happy feeling inside others. Everyone wants to feel like the center of attention, respected, and appreciated, this book is the how to of doing just that. Dales Carnegie, in all his wisdom, teachers you to drop your ego and think about the emotions of others. Winning in relationships is not just about getting what you want, but also making others feel important. The paragraphs in this book seem to be intuitive, but for many, we overlook them or discard them for our own sake. Dale Carnegie reminds us of what true relationships are built upon, mutual appreciation. I believe this book can be the vital reminder that to build sustained relationships, it’s about understanding and really valuing the emotions of others.

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love the Lasts

 By Gary Chapman


By far the most memorable book I’ve ever read. The 5 Love Languages is the essential reading material for improving your relationship with your significant other. Not only does this book help you understand the emotions and interactions with others, it makes you look at yourself to understand what type of person you are. Do you like words of affirmation, Acts of Service, Quality Time, Giving Gift, or physical touch. Our entire psychological understanding can be divided into these five categories,  I guarantee you will finish this book looking at your relationships differently and with more simplicity.


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