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Recession Proof your life

A couple of years ago, while cycling through reads, I stumbled across this book called ” Recession Proof Graduate” by Charlie Hoehn, which not until recently was just an idea floating in my head by an author I didn’t know, from a book offered for free on Audible. Who knows what drove me to download this book, whether the thought of, “It’s free, what the heck,” or just sheer curiosity, I couldn’t tell you. But from the moment I downloaded this book and began to listen to it, my mind started churning. Little did I know at the time, this book would change the way I think and open a new depth of thought for me.

Working for free, and doing what I loved. There I was, one year left on my military contract, a recent graduate, and looking to dive into a new career but no one would give me a chance to show my skills. On top of that, all the job postings I saw said they were looking for someone with at least one to two years experience. What was I going to do? I had a full-time job and married with two kids. I was untouchable to the HR world. I wasn’t worth the time, plus I was moving right after I get out in a year. So it dawned on me. Like a soft whisper in the back of my head, I can hear it say, Recession Proof.

So I hit the web stumbling through sites, looking to volunteer, looking to offer my services for free to whoever wanted them. This led me to create a post on Craigslist offering my skills for free. It was a shot in the dark. Completely different from anything I would have ever done before that book and something I’ve never heard anyone else do. So I created my post and waited. A week later, I received my first reply, and I was shocked. I look at my wife with excitement, it works! Another week goes by and I get another reply. This is crazy, I said. By the end of the month, I received five responses, and from those, I found my first chance to show my skills. I will never forget what I learned. Its made me a stronger, smarter person. I’ve met people I would have never known and accomplished things no other job was willing to allow me to do.

Recession Proof is a book I would offer to anyone looking to follow their personal legend (passion) especially a recent college graduate, someone looking to take on another career, or just someone who just wants to gain experience when no one wants to take them on. You’re only limited by your imagination. If the powers that be close the door on your path to success, find a window. Do everything in your power. Exhaust all avenues, but under no circumstance should you ever give up.

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