College Isn’t For Everyone…

Since the dawn of the Y2K era, college enrollment has steadily increased. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, undergraduate enrollment, from the years 2000-2015, has increased by 30 percent. Furthermore, the percentage of students who were awarded post-secondary degrees have also grown at an average of about 40 percent since 2003. The days... Continue Reading →

How Reading Changed my Life

As a child, I was never a big reader. I read books, but I would say I was far from an avid reader. I remember in elementary school, we use to have a book reading contest which involved getting a sticker for every book you read and at the time "Goosebumps" books were all the... Continue Reading →

Recession Proof your life

A couple of years ago, while cycling through reads, I stumble across this book called " Recession Proof Graduate" by Charlie Hoehn, which not until recently was just an idea floating in my head by an author I didn't know, from a book offered for free on Audible. Who knows what drove me to download... Continue Reading →

How It Begins

This is one of my most favorite pictures. On the surface, its a child with a book being amazed by the drawings, confused by the letters, but still excited with every turn of the page. But what about the underlying story. This is where we come in. Avid Learners! We are just like her. Inquisitive.... Continue Reading →

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